Moving Forward is an independent data journalism project that aims to dive deeper into data about Metro Vancouver’s transportation system. Starting March 12, Moving Forward will regularly publish issues-focused content about the upcoming transportation referendum. We aim to foster an evidence-based, accessible dialogue with all residents of the region.

Moving Forward is produced by Discourse Media, an organization dedicated to innovating new models for producing collaborative journalism in the public interest. As journalists, we aim to contribute to positive change with multimedia storytelling that is forward-looking yet critical.

Republishing policy

Our aim is to produce impactful journalism in the public interest. And so, inspired by organizations like ProPublica, we invite media of all kinds to republish our content free of charge. All articles, graphics and interactives are licensed through Creative Commons.

You can easily grab articles, static images and embeddable code of interactives from this website. We can also provide print-ready versions of all visual content. Please contact Discourse Media co-founder Erin Millar (erin@discoursemedia.org) if you need assistance.

We only ask that you:

  1. Credit us, ideally in the byline. We prefer “AUTHOR NAME, Discourse Media”. We also request you include a line before or after the story that says: “This was originally published as part of Moving Forward, an independent journalism project produced by Discourse Media.” Please include a link to movingforward.discoursemedia.org.
  2. Don’t edit our material, except to reflect changes in time or location or for consistency with your editorial style.
  3. Don’t sell advertising against our work.

Ask a question

We invite our audience to shape our reporting at every stage. Pose questions you’d like us to investigate by going to our PlaceSpeak page.

Support us

We created Moving Forward because we believe there is a desperate need for a different sort of journalism leading up to the transportation referendum. And we’re betting you agree with us. We think that residents of Metro Vancouver want coverage aimed at informing readers about the complexities of the system and how it impacts our future in addition to the dominant media narrative that is focused on the horse race.

In order to deliver on this vision, we need Moving Forward to remain independent of any particular editorial agenda. And that’s why we’re asking our audience, people who believe informing voters will lead to a better outcome, to support us. Visit our Indiegogo Campaign to pledge (every bit helps) and signal to the politicians and our colleagues in media that audiences want issues-based data journalism.


Erin Millar, editor & partnerships manager | erin@discoursemedia.org
Christine McLaren, reporter | christine@discoursemedia.org
Ash Kelly, reporter | ash@discoursemedia.org
Graeme Stewart-Wilson, reporter
Nelly Bouevitch, engagement manager | nelly@discoursemedia.org
Caitlin Millar, data analysis & interactive programming | caitlin@discoursemedia.org
Josli Rockafella, design & online production
George Poulos, research partner & data analysis

Full disclosure: Reporter Christine McLaren’s partner is an employee of TransLink.